Benefits Of Wearing Jewelry

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

Fashion trends continuously evolve, but jewelry steadfastly remains an accessory that women across the globe turn to. This is so for all the right reasons. Jewelry has the power to not only pop up even a boring looking outfit but also enhance a woman’s natural beauty too. Nothing else can make an outfit spark bright like a stunning jewelry piece can. Wearing jewelry is a perfect way to showcase your creativity.

                “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

                                                           Elizabeth Taylor

Jewelry changes the way you attire “looks”. Whether you wear a simple necklace, or an extravagant ring, subtle stud earrings or a statement bracelet, your choice of jewelry pieces has the power to turn your look to a whole new and different concept. In fact, jewelers and fashion designers, from all over the world, have been working in collaboration since long to create various styles. Also, gemstones are no longer known as just embellishments, they are a piece of art now.  And, have you ever heard of the health benefits of jewelry? Yes you have, right. An attractive piece of jewelry is not only to enhance the overall look, but for a good health too. So, what are these benefits of wearing jewelry which we have just talked about? Keep reading the blog to know them all. 

Benefits of Jewelry for Modern Women

Jewelry makes a woman feel beautiful and more confident. Here are some of the reasons.

  1. It gives you a new look everyday.

Do you love that white shirt of yours so much that you end up wearing the same a bit too much? That’s totally okay. Make it look differently every time you wear it with a different jewelry piece! We have come up with some ideas. For a formal look, you can pair it with gold-plated necklaces available on Cristine Jewels. For a Boho look, throw on some chunky bangles or bracelets. Gold Tennis Bracelet from Cristine Jewels is a truly timeless appeal. Its shimmering display of prong-set gemstones makes it an ultimate keep-forever, wear-forever piece.

  1. It helps you express yourself.

Jewelry is one of the greatest ways to express your creativity. So, we suggest you to select jewelry piece that match with your style and personality. If you have no idea where can you get yourself such stunning pieces, we have got you covered by coming up with a recommendation that is totally worth your money. There is something about Crsitine Jewels’s new jewelry collection. It is remarkable from every angle. Discover their collection of timeless designs online now.

  1. It can hold a sentimental value in your life.

It is said that some of the jewelry pieces owned by women hold a sentimental value much higher than their monetary. A thousand dollar engagement ring can be something to cherish forever because of its infinitely greater intrinsic worth. So, jewelry especially rings hold a sentimental value for a lot of woman.

Jewelry Styling Tips You Need To Know

How do you pick and style jewelry in a way that it compliments you and wardrobe? And how do you make best use of the jewelry collection you own? The answer to these questions are not always clear. Like, have you got an overflowing collection of the jewelry but you aren’t sure where to start from? Or may be, you are just not confident about which pieces to shop and from where? Never fear. All of us have been there. The good news is that we have assembled a bunch of handy jewelry styling tips and suggestions to help you wear fashion, fine and custom jewelry that compliments your styling sense, wardrobe and personality.

  • Go for layers with necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Why not start with something that is fun yet stylish? Experiment with contrasting shapes, lengths, textures to make appealing layers with bracelets, rings and necklaces. If you are layering necklaces, then pick some of them with different lengths. With layering necklaces of different lengths, there is always more than meets the eye. If you are looking for such stunning pieces, we invite you to have a look on Cristine Jewels new collection featuring exquisite necklaces. Light and lively, Swan neckwear of Cristine Jewels perfectly exemplifies the exceptional craftsmanship and its effortless design. What will you do to be happier on your events? Get your hands on this charming neckpiece make your occasions even more special.

  • Know how much is enough.

You know what sometimes, too much is a bit too much. If you are creating an eye-catching look by layering necklaces, an arm full of bangles is not really need to compete for attention. Or if you have picked a bold pair of statement earrings, then perhaps the neck piece you are wearing should be more subtle or even not there at all (However, a bold pair of earrings with a matching neck jewelry can sometimes look stunning).

If you are looking for subtle and decent neck pieces, our new collection of necklaces is something which you just cannot miss. Nothing evokes love as a beautiful necklace. Made from base metal of Silver coated in thin layer of rhodium for extra strength and luster and studded with small zircon stones, their Buttercup delivers a feminine touch.

  • Experiment metal mixing.

There have been times when mixing of differently colored metals was seen as a fashion sin. But luckily, this is not the case anymore. Even fashion police now tells there’s no need to stick to all gold jewelry, all silver jewelry or all rose gold jewelry. So, try styling necklaces which have pendants in contrast with the chain color, bracelets of different metals, rings combining different metal colors or layered necklaces to add vibrant color and interest to your outfit. Mixing jewelry metals has been one of our favorite things to do when designing jewelry pieces in recent years, so you'll find a number of pieces in our online jewelry shop having both metal colors, including silver pendants as well as gold ones, for example Gold Minimalist Butterfly. Infused with nature's vitality, the new Gold Minimalist Butterfly, features twinkling silver stones, creating a bold contrast.

  • Accessories your outfit with rings.

An old nursery rhyme says that wearing rings means having music wherever you go. Stacking rings adds a lot of versatility to your wardrobe. You can easily mix and match them to create a different look every day. Just one or two rings is also perfect if you want to create a minimalist look on some days.

Enter the wonderance ambiance of this season with subtle yet stunning rings collection. Each ring of Cristine Jewels aroused unique emotions. Solitaire Ring by Cristine Jewels is a timeless gift. The very essence of creativity, rarity and craft.  This is going to be an unexpected and playful twist on your classic white suit.


Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, official gathering,  dinner, or a casual stroll about the neighborhood, there’s jewelry for every special occasion. It helps you enhance your entire look. For example, a subtle colored bracelet adds a touch of professionalism to a look. Not only this, wearing jewelry has a wide range of health-related benefits too. So, add versatility to your wardrobe by getting your hands on Cristine Jewels new collection which is an investment you never going to regret making.
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