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Do you want to up your fashion game? If the answer is yes, we have got you covered. This extensive fashion guide tells you everything you need to know about this season’s sparkly jewelry trends. If you are going to invest in a jewelry purchase for either you or a gift for someone else, start with buying a necklace. Necklaces for women are versatile, personal and can be super affordable too. Wearing necklace is an incredibly amazing way to turn even your casual outfit into something which looks more put together.  Not only this, necklaces also enhance your formal wear by bringing even more sparkle to it and making you the star of the show.

Cristine Jewels’ Neckwear Collection..

Do you ever feel confused deciding which style of necklace would be perfect for your outfit? If yes, you are not the only one. It takes years for many people to feel comfortable with wearing fun jewelry and they still get hung up from time to time. So, we have done a research and come up with this extensive necklace guide, featuring a jaw-dropping necklace piece and some simple rules which you can easily follow when choosing your jewelry for the day. This definitely makes it a lot easier to decide if you are making or breaking an outfit when short on time.
Whether it's a daytime event or just a workplace, you can be sure to always find something for your ups and down from Cristine Jewels. Our lively and fun new arrival has a rhythm in its gold chain- waiting for you to join. Let us introduce you to the Cristine Jewels’ ‘Monarch Gold’ necklace for women. Crafted from a high quality 18K gold plated stuff, our uniquely made gold necklace for women cuff fills your desire of a luxury feel every day. Colored crystals and irresistible bejeweled beauties, this is the fairytale neckwear of your wildest fantasies.  This timeless neckwear chain length is easily adjustable and gives you the opportunity of creating a personal look of any fit you want. A perfect example of Italian Craftsmanship, this popular piece of us comes with multiple styling opportunities for you. By presenting you with a perfect combination of sterile, stainless and hypoallergenic features, it has never been easier to create a unique look. It also comes with a Cristine's signature gift box making it a perfect gift for your loved ones.
Styling Cristine Jewels timeless necklace pieces with your outfits:
If you already love the look of this statement necklace, but you are not quite sure how to pair it up, you have come to the right place as we have sorted it out for you. Moreover, in this section we are listing some other timeless pieces of us as well which you can get for yourself to add spark to your outfits. There are unlimited ways with which you can style them. After all, the reason to add necklace to your outfit is to be able to show your creativity, signature style and personality to the rest of us.

Tank Top and Blue Jeans:

Deciding what to wear with your favorite tank top and blue jeans? This beautiful gold plated necklace ‘Gold Monarch’ is something which should be your pick to pair up with this outfit. With its spark, it is definitely going to pop-up your entire look. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this beauty by clicking here.

Monocular Outfit:

Who does not want to add a spark to their monocular outfits? Everyone does, of course. If you also want the same, ‘Dew Drop’ neckwear by Cristine Jewels brilliantly does this for you.  This jaw-dropping and beautiful is just amazing at adding a bit of shimmer and shine to your mono-toned dress. It brings funky look to any boring outfit too. If you want to get this for either you or your loved one, you can surely do by placing an order.

Bright-Colored Dresses:

As summer is around the corner and brightly colored maxi dresses are going to be a trendy casual as well as formal wear, this “Butter Cup ” silver plated necklace piece by Cristine Jewels would be the perfect partner for such attires. Make your occasions truly memorable with our gold plated neckpiece. To buy this stunning neckwear, check out the given link.

Crew-Neck Sweater:

Not sure what to wear with a crew-neck sweater? Just pair it up with our Gold Wings necklace for a head-turning look over the special occasions and beyond.

Gold Wings Necklace Cristine Jewels

Eastern Look:

Do you want to redefine your eastern look? Get your eastern look sorted with Cristine Jewels’ top seller “Swan”. Dress your best with our show-stopping sparkly neckpiece and click on the link  to get your hands on it before it gets out of the stock as it is being sold as hot cakes.


We understand it is the time for some changes. With thousands of people turning their boring looking mono-toned outfits in funky and attractive ones by pairing them with necklaces, it is high time for you as well to get your hands on our timeless gold plated neckwear. Whether you want to get these stunning necklace for your own or for a loved one, it’s totally up to you, but we don’t think that you can go wrong either way. So, don’t miss these Cristine Jewels’ best sellers which you will wish you had sooner.
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